Category Archives: Cloud Software Reviewed has a lot going for it, and you can see the main features here Pricing makes it a great alternative to the industry standard at $50/year for 500 GB (additional users can be added free or at a similar cost). The software works great for file syncing between my iMac & Macbook Pro, and sharing files securely with clients. The Desktop integration is particularly smooth. After using Sync for a year I have made some comments below, and added tips that aren’t covered in the manual.


  • The sync is not a backup solution, even though files are stored in the cloud (and locally). To backup files you need to manually copy them to the Vault, which is not synced with devices.
  • Folders are shared with clients via password protected links. Links are emailed to clients from within sync, or pasted into email. However customers receive a long and complicated URL, which is not particularly inviting, especially to less computer savvy users. Also bookmarking the shared folder yields a title of the URL, not the name of the folder or some other customized name (name of the firm for example).
  • There’s no option to download all files in a shared folder. Files have to be downloaded one at a time (even though all can be checked off).
  • Documents cannot be opened for real time editing like in Box. Documents must be downloaded, edited, and re uploaded. You also cannot preview files in the browser, they must be downloaded to view.
  • If the name of a linked folder is changed, it breaks the link (and clients will need to be  sent the new link)
  • The interface is user friendly, but not the most space efficient (a huge gripe of mine with Quickbooks Online) when working and scrolling through a folder with many files.
  • Linked folders do not share folders contained within.
  • Folders/files ending with a period (.) will not sync.
  • All synced files are stored locally as well as in the cloud. Editing large files can be tricky and lead to conflicted versions. For example, editing a large Quickbooks file can cause changes to the local file that is in the process of uploading. Or if you close your laptop and the upload hasn’t completed, but then begin editing on the desktop. Sync will create a duplicate CONFLICT file (see below) with new changes. I try to avoid syncing large files, and push most of my clients to Saas accounting options to avoid this. The vast majority of my files are small size Office files or PDF’s and this is not a problem.


My file structure for sharing is each client folder contains a folder labeled Share “Client Name.” I then create a link for this folder, a password, and share with the client. This also creates a detailed list of shared folders under the Links tab on All documents passed back and forth go here. is a budget friendly option and great for the sole practitioner. Updates are being rolled out, and hopefully some of these issues are addressed in the future.