MJT-CPA offers tax consulting & preparation for clients with cryptocurrency holdings. We have the technical knowledge of blockchains & their terminology & the tax knowledge to deal with the most complicated blockchain and defi issues. Topics include:

  • Tax strategies and reporting
  • BTC & all altcoins supported
  • Analysis of all currencies mined, bought, sold, sent, exchanged, staked, farmed, received, gifts, hard forks, airdrops, liquidity farming, yield pools
  • Use of entities
  • Estate planning
  • MJT-CPA specializes in the Solana blockchain and related DeFi protocols
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Due to the complexity, high level of technical knowledge needed, and lack of IRS guidance, premium fees are charged for cryptocurrency services:

  • A $3,000 deposit is required, which is applied to services provided
  • Billing rates are $375/hour for services provided
  • Payment in full is required prior to filing a tax return